Tera Branding and Website Design

The primary goal of Tera’s brand identity design is to communicate the key consumer benefit: with Tera’s Cloud Memory Extension (CME), your mobile phone will truly become a device capable of recording every adventure in your life, big or small. Tera’s brand identity system centers around a display typeface, T1, and a colorful array of Life Event Icons, both designed by Cynda Media Lab for HB Mobile. Inspired by the youthful culture of emojis, these icons depict significant moments or things in people’s lives.

Award and Honor:
A’Design Bronze Award
Bronze Telly Award
CSS Design Award Special Kudos
Communicator Silver Award

Deliverables: logo design, visual identity system, brand architecture, social media strategy, brand style guide, typeface design, motion graphics, website, custom-built content management system (CMS).