myData=myMondrian has an interface which replicates a sign-up form for an online dating site. Rather than fishing for friends, the result upon hitting “enter” is a quick “cyberization” of one’s personal stats and the subsequent creation of a geometric abstraction in the form of a Piet Mondrian-like composition. At first glance, creating a truthful visual representation of oneself can seem to be the primary goal of this interactive artwork. After all, these images are straightforward, honest, and possibly less deceiving than many photographs used on dating sites. Yet, there is an undercurrent to this artwork, which is its satirical reflection upon our shallow dating trends. The elite diamond-shaped composition can only be achieved if all of the attributes entered are considered “desirable.” For example: the guys must be wealthy and the girls must be young and physically attractive (blondes preferred), only female desirability is affected by age, and education is a valuable attribute valuable only for men.

Queens Museum (New York)
MAXXI Museum (Roma)
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan)

Deliverables: web app, desktop apps for Mac and PC, exhibition design.